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Rali unleashes the power of video for transformation, collaboration, engagement and learning. Rali makes video content more engaging and effective with real-time conversation tools, interactive features, and analytics. Rali is video at work.

Should I use Rali or video conferencing? Yes!

Rali – two or more parties exchanging information, without the recipients being live.

Video Conferencing/Webinars – two or more people exchanging information, with the recipients being live.

Psst…Rali delivers the perfect pre-live build-up audience engagement experience! then share your great conversation beyond the live call and further afield leveraging Rali. And then dive right into the insights that you own!

Use Rali for

  • Sharing complex information
  • Sharing a series of videos
  • Guided, moderated social conversations
  • Capturing community engagement data
  • Cross time zones
  • Reducing meetings
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Driving behavioral change
  • Removing live meeting fatigue

Use video conference for

  • Bringing participants together at the same time
  • Planning and real-time conversations
  • Sharing straight forward information
  • Replacing a physical meeting
  • Unstructured communications
  • Seeing your co-workers’ living rooms
  • Feeling busy

Fewer meetings. More engagement.

Rali is vivid, engaging, and effective. From smartphone videos to high production masterpieces, Rali adds layers of interaction, community and engagement to your video content.

Lighten your meeting load

Rali helps you escape the limits of time zones and the burden of overcrowded agendas. Workers are drowning in meetings and video-conferences. Rali gives your time back and promotes digital wellbeing.

More than words

Video is the world’s favorite way to consume information because it’s full of humanity and emotion. Video effectively conveys emotion and information in powerful ways that lead to greater understanding and retention.

Privacy and Security

Your data belongs to you. We will never sell it. We share it with you, so that you can gain insights about your community’s mood, sentiment, engagement and participation.

Engage and moderate​

Rali’s interactive and moderation tools allow for effective and productive guidance of team conversations at scale. Control the conversation with your employees, consumers, customers, and fans then sit back and listen.

See Rali in action

This Changes Everything

The World We Live In

Rali Overview

Rali works with


Grow your audience with engagement features including time synched comments and seeding call-to-actions.


Control your conversations through moderation.


Understand how your audience is using your content. Get sentiment and engagement metrics.

Lead conversations

Rali’s interactive features allow your viewers to pose questions, comment, interact, and engage with your video content. Time-synced comments mimic real-time conversations.

1. Create your video​
2. Add interactive features
3. Share
4. Get insights
5. Make better decisions

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