Brand Community Engagement

Rally your customers and fans and transform your community into a data rich environment that can be leveraged for understanding brand sentiment, new product feedback, and to identify brand advocates.  

Streamline and optimize the relationship between your brand and the community, all while listening and learning from customers and fans.

Do you have these questions?

How can I stimulate more meaningful conversations and connections with our community?
How can I harness the creativity of our community for new product ideas, understanding brand sentiment, and new marketing campaigns?
How can I eliminate many of the distractions that naturally occur on a social media platform so I can have focused conversations with community members?
How do I identify potential brand advocates from within our community?

Rali has the answers.

Simulated Live Discussions

Create a virtual focus group with Rali’s Video Experience Engine, by deploying polls, asking open-ended questions, and measuring brand perceptions. Community members can participate at any time that is convenient for them because their video time-stamped comments make it feel like a live discussion.

Easy to get started right away, use your existing community management platform and simply embed a link with any video to start engaging members.

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Capitalize on Using Video to Acquire New Customers

You already know how powerful video is for engaging and acquiring customers, and with Rali’s Video Experience Engine, you can transform your customer-facing video into a social experience. Rali helps customers feel connected to a community that shares their likes, dislikes, and values. Use Rali’s analytics engine to better understand customer preferences and share those preferences with a customer’s record in your CRM. Over time, this kind of rich data allows you to better understand your customer’s journey. 

Engage Your Fans​

Sports and entertainment industries are tapping into the Rali platform to engage their fans. Our integrated engagement platform is designed to unite fans and promote your team through stronger community relationships. Whether you’re using video engagement to extend the life of sporting events or to simply create a superior user experience, Rali has the capability to identify and communicate with thousands of fans who are currently anonymous.

Help Fans Engage With Other Fans​

Within the Rali Video Experience Engine, your fan-base is able to socialize with one another while watching playback from any video highlight or full game. Keep your fans on your digital properties, rather than losing them and their conversations to other social media platforms.

Own Your Data and Feel Secure

Social platforms like Facebook are great for forming groups, but they lack transparency. This is especially true for brand leaders who are hungry for a more direct relationship with customers. With Rali, you not only retain complete ownership of your community data, but you can also have confidence that your data is secure. This includes any personal identification that is provided by a member of your community.

Transform any brand community into a discussion and data rich environment that surfaces customer preferences and ideas and identifies brand advocates.

Rali helps you form and maintain connections with other authorities in sports and entertainment marketing by widening your network. Distribute customized marketing materials to your entire network of supporters and advance your outreach strategy with sponsors and partners, all while celebrating the unique ideals upheld by your team.

Transform Together