Change Acceleration

Rali equips leaders to engage with their organizations to drive change initiatives that achieve sustained results.

Change leaders have no greater challenge than to design and execute an engaging and effective communication plan.

Business disruption is everywhere. Digital disruption, business model disruption, culture disruption, and competitive disruption are the new normal. Constant disruption means that organizations that have the capability to be agile and drive change have a distinct advantage.

True transformation affects every part of a business, but getting an organization engaged, aligned, and moving in the right direction can be an overwhelming task. Rali's Experience Engines give you the tools to drive a change process that is informed, engaging, and that achieves results.

Video Experience Engine​

Work by John P. Kotter, The Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership, Emeritus at the Harvard Business School, and other change experts say that a message needs to be communicated seven times before it is truly heard and understood. Current one-way communication approaches create a perception among employees that change is being done “to them” vs. “with them.” Rali’s Video Experience Engine provides an engaging and interactive experience to deliver a message AND give employees a voice. 

Imagine being able to hear how your message is being interpreted, how ready employees are to follow your lead, what barriers they face, and what support they need. Chat-style discussions allow for more engaged interaction between employees, while pre-seeded questions and calls to action keep the conversation going. Rali’s robust social analytics let you see exactly how your content is being received.

Learning Experience Engine

Many times, managers and employees simply don’t know what they need to know and do in order to be an effective change agent or participant. Change means mindsets and behaviors need to shift in line with a new reality.

With Rali, your organization becomes explorers on a change journey designed to inspire genuine engagement, learning, and behavior adoption. Change happens most effectively in groups, and Rali’s social and gamification features drive collaboration and accountability.

Change is by nature a messy process, so it is important to continually learn what is working and what is needed to make change stick. Our Learning Experience Engine has built in “insight questions” that equip change leaders with the information they need to optimize the change process.

AI-Powered User Analytics​

Rali’s AI-powered user analytics keeps you informed in real time about group and individual progress, engagement levels, and attitudes. Rali helps you identify advocates who can be leveraged to help influence others.

The Rali platform is built on a behavioral model proven to drive engagement and adoption of new mindsets and behaviors.

Transform Together