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Inclusion Foundations

In the Inclusion Foundations Journey, employees will follow a path of forward-thinking material curated by Vincent R. Brown and Janet Reid, Ph.D., to make them a more inclusive leader and team member. By learning about the TRUE Bias Disruptors and ways to practice inclusive behavior, your employees will be equipped with the necessary skills to make a difference in their relationships and organizational culture.

Inside the Inclusion Foundations Journey

Inclusive cultures create an atmosphere of trust, sense of belonging, and can improve performance in your organization. Take a look at how this works from the resources below.

Click below to watch Vince tell his story of “The Amazing Biker Lady” 

Click below to watch the “Nature, Nurture, & Biology” video

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Click below to watch the “Nature, Nurture, & Biology” video

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About Vince & Janet

Vincent Brown is a successful entrepreneur, published author, motivational speaker, executive coach and experienced training developer and facilitator. His expertise includes diversity and inclusion, organizational and team development, executive coaching, creating and sustaining change. He was a founder of the international management consulting firm Global Novations LLC, a former Goldman Sachs portfolio company. He partners as a trusted consultant with premier organizations within financial services, healthcare, retail and professional service sectors. Vincent received the Herrmann® International Big Thinker Award for his groundbreaking approach and results in innovative training design and delivery.
Dr. Janet Reid is the Founder & CEO of BRBS World, LLC. She is an innovative thought leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion with a passion for corporations, health care and higher education. She has worked with clients in over 40 countries; specializing in leveraging DEI to build organizational capacity, innovation, and market share. Dr. Reid is a former executive at the Procter and Gamble company, has been on the Board of Trustees of three Universities, was a board member of a major academic medical center, and sits on the board of a multinational healthcare corporation. She has won numerous commendations and awards for innovation and leadership in DEI. She holds a Ph.D. in BioInorganic chemistry.

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