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In 9Q’s Energetic Intelligence Journey, employees will learn to align and manage their energy for greater productivity, flow, and performance. They will build a solid foundation for ongoing growth, innovation, and success by learning about and using the six simple and powerful 9Q High Performance Habits that bring sustainable positive change from the inside out.

Inside the Energetic Intelligence Journey

The journey guides employees through activities to develop and apply these High Performance Habits, empowering them and their team to live in flow, align their actions, create clarity, build agility and resilience, and elevate performance. This life-changing framework creates a culture of positive energy that accelerates teams’ ability to thrive through disruption and operate from a place of alignment and joy. Take a look at how this works from the resources below.

Click below to watch Laura & William explain energetic intelligence

Click below to watch the “9Q Productivity Zones” video

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Click below to watch the “9Q Productivity Zones” video

About Laura & William | 9Q Solutions

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9Q is the world’s first consulting and education company specializing specifically in energetic intelligence training, designed to prepare you for the disruptions and opportunities of this new age.

Dr. Laura L. Ciel, CEO and Co-Founder of 9Q Solutions, is a transformational force for leaders ready to align their strategies with their deepest values and purpose. An expert in human behavior and leadership development, Dr. Ciel combines her business acumen (BA, MBA PKE) with her profound understanding of human psychology (MA, PsyD) to help high-intensity leaders and their teams increase productivity, growth, and well-being.

William Poett is a seasoned corporate facilitator and transformative thought leader, bringing 30+ years of mastery in emotional intelligence and peak performance training. With a PKE MBA from Pepperdine University, he combines strategic acumen with hands-on experience from working with elite military, law enforcement, and corporate teams.

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