Communication Engagement

Communicate, communicate, communicate! Effective communication is the life blood of any organization. Rali turns your static, one-way communication into a powerful multi-voice experience that drives understanding, insight, and aligned action.

Inadequate communication to and between employees can cost as much as per year for companies with over 100,000 employees, according to SHRM.​

Video as the New Corporate Voice

Video has become more prevalent than ever in our everyday lives. More and more businesses are turning to video as their medium of choice to communicate important messages to internal and external audiences. Given the amount of video content that is created and deployed, wouldn’t it be nice to get more value from your video investments and know what impact you are having?

Rali can supercharge your communications by converting video content into an engaging community experience.

Message Testing

You have important initiatives, values, and priorities that need input from your key stakeholders to have them “weigh in” before they “buy in.” How do you get feedback on the impact and clarity of your message, the nuances of words chosen, or the inflection of your voice?

Rali’s time-stamped feedback and social analytics gives you an easy and effective way to test and refine your video message before deploying it more broadly.

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Product Launch

You’ve spent a lot of money creating your new product, and now you need to engage with customer-facing employees to carry the message to the market. You can send out product briefings and sales packages, but are you really sure that your employees are ready to go? Does any of their feedback ever make it to your marketing or product teams? 

Using Rali, you can create a closed-loop communication process that ensures customer facing employees understand your offering, provide useful feedback, and get answers to important questions.

Leadership Communications

One of the biggest issues that continually surfaces from employee engagement surveys is dissatisfaction with the amount and clarity of communication from leaders. From Town Halls and newsletters, to making presentations, leaders are in a constant state of communicating. What if this communication could live beyond the moment and be used to engage the organization in an on-going dialogue? What if leaders could gain specific insights into where their communication is working and where it’s not. Using the Rali Video Engagement Engine makes this all possible.

Community of Interest Engagement

While the organization hierarchy helps make lines of accountability clear, the real action happens in communities that cross organizational lines. These communities create immense value by sharing knowledge, promoting innovation, and creating a sense of cultural belonging. If we want to fully leverage these communities, it’s time to move beyond simple discussion forums and document repositories

Why not let Rali become your community of interest hub and enable members to post videos and attach documents that stimulate discussion, collaboration, and group insights. Bring your communities to life on Rali.

Rali can be used to power any of your communication initiatives. Let us show you how.

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