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Create a culture of inclusion, engagement, and innovation with the #ALLIES Journey.

This Journey, developed by former Microsoft Corporate Vice President Gavriella Schuster, provides an actionable framework that equips every individual in your organization to be an ally, to build allies, and to promote a culture of allyship through practical tools and insights.

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Category | Self Awareness & Team Building

Title | The Purpose Journey

People today are looking for communities everywhere they look. They are seeking meaning and wellness in all areas of life. Learn how The Purpose Journey can help your organization deliver greater fulfillment and well-being to its people

Category | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Title | Intrinsic Inclusion

Workforce diversity is an important metric in talent development, but it is not the full story. Creating a truly inclusive culture by overcoming bias transforms organizations, delivering true impact. Inclusive cultures create an atmosphere of trust, sense of belonging, and can improve performance in your organization

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Category | Quality and Productivity Improvement

Title  | 3P Academy

It’s time to ensure your organization is living up to its potential. And that starts with your people.

Wendy Ellin’s 3P Academy. An investment in simple, street-smart organizational strategies that set the foundation for radical productivity, sustainable performance and peace of mind. Eliminate clutter. Create clarity. Focus on what matters most. Experience more joy in your work.

Category | Self-Awareness & Team Building

Title | Leading from the Helm: The Leader Within

A proven and balanced model to guide your organization toward greater achievements

Leading from the Helm is our proprietary, science-based methodology we use to evaluate your organization’s strategy, engagement, culture, and people so you can maximize individual potential and organizational success. It’s a balanced and holistic approach to revolutionizing how your organization thinks, behaves, and performs.

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Category |  Quality and Productivity Improvement

Title | Energetic Intelligence : Achieving Productivity and Flow

Activate and focus the energy of your people, empowering them to maximize their productivity and operate from a state of harmony and flow. Unlock their leadership potential through six simple but powerful habits that bring sustainable positive change from the inside out.

Category | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Title | Multigenerational Diversity & Inclusion

There are five generations represented in today’s workforce, each bringing a unique perspective and different motivations. Managing a multigenerational workforce can cause friction or it can become your competitive advantage

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Category | Leadership and Management Development

Kennesaw State University’s digital programs deliver practical knowledge, backed by research, proven in practice and ready to use and apply in any business 

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Category | Leadership and Management Development

Title | Leadership, Courage, & Character Development

The goal isn’t perfect leadership, but it’s agreeing that we all want to authentically lead with honor. We help leaders grow in charactercourage, and commitment and learn new skills based on their natural behavior that will help them develop the next generation in the areas of responsibility, accountability, and resilience.