Change Experience Platform

Integrating a human-centered approach and change measurement into a single experience.

The Rali Change Experience Platform (CxP) empowers and enables change leaders and the unique needs of their teams by harmonizing diverse technologies to accelerate and deliver organizational initiatives quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Centralized Initiative Portal for Organizations and Teams

Learn | Do | Inspire Change Journeys from Industry Experts

Dynamic Guidance and Task Management

Interactive Media Engine for Internal or External Assets

Customizable and Targeted Communication Controls

Rali’s cloud-based platform empowers diverse teams to connect, share, develop, and innovate together across time and distance.

Rali’s partner portfolio of proven initiative driving content is powered by our proprietary Learn | Do | Inspire methodology to ensure engagement success.

Participants receive persistent step by step guidance for open tasks and recommended activities to deepen engagement and understanding.

Enable employee engagement in videos, podcasts, and other media types. Gain input, deepen concepts, and share examples of change in action.

Rich in-experience communications hub permits organizations to stay in context and reach target participants by progress level, team, individually, and more.

Rali CxP is designed with purpose -
to get people informed, connected, and taking action.

Rali CxP | For change leaders, managers and their teams

The strength of the manager and team relationship directly impacts an employee’s ability to adopt a change and is an essential component of success.

Rali CxP provides managers with the tools to customize the experience for their teams to improve content relevancy, magnify engagement, group sharing, targeted in-experience communications, and progress monitoring.

Multi-dimensional analytics for actionable insights across all initiative phases

Active Measurements

  • Polling
  • Activities and comments
  • Speed of response
  • Survey vs Action
  • And more…

Passive Measurements

  • Engagement: how engaged are users with the content
  • Mood: how do users feel
  • Influence: which users impact the conversation
  • Facilitation: how effective are facilitators

Rali's Patented Intelligent Scoring

  • Engages team leaders and measures involvement, adoption and response to content—not just completion statistics.

Rali is committed to your success

Change is hard and we can help.  At Rali, we are on a mission to help organizations simplify change execution and ensure organizations can drive positive behavior change to achieve successful outcomes.

Our Customer Success Team is available as your persistent partner to assist in defining and delivering initiatives that are customized to the unique needs of your business.

  • Best Practice Journey Personalization
  • Roll-out & Phasing Strategy
  • Cohort Execution Strategy
  • Organizational Set Up & Enablement
  • Communication & Change Management
  • Technology Alignment & Integration
  • Initiative Review & Optimization

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