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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

No matter where you are on your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion journey, Rali and our key partners can accelerate your efforts to drive real results.

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What's Next?

Many organizations have delivered “Diversity Training” using traditional methods only to find little sustainable progress, and, in some cases, considerable organizational resistance. In collaborating with many DEI companies and thought leaders, we have learned that what’s needed is a new approach. This approach must respond to the challenges facing DEI leaders today, such as:

  • How can we engage our organization in a conversation about DEI?
  • We’ve trained top leadership, how do we scale?
  • We’ve delivered lots of workshops, how do we reinforce and sustain them?
  • Where can we find research-based content in specific areas such as unconscious bias?
  • We’re trying to move beyond awareness to mindset and behavior change, how can we do that effectively?

It’s More Than Just the Right Thing to Do

For organizations that are interested in taking their DEI efforts to the next level, Rali provides technology, content, and services designed to impact tangible outcomes such as:

  • Enhance company reputation and customer experience.
  • Improve innovation, decision quality, and operational performance.
  • Improve engagement, retention, and the core employee experience.
  • Become a magnet for top tier diverse talent.
  • Educate, activate, and sustain new mindsets and behaviors across your organization.

Rali Solutions

Successfully implementing a DEI strategy requires taking actions that Secure Executive Commitment, Activate Champions and Leaders, and Engage and Develop Employees across the organization. 

Rali’s learning and communication experience engine along with our partners content and expertise can help power your efforts to engage and activate leaders and employees in a journey to shift mindsets and behaviors.


 Secure Executive Commitment

Executives need the opportunity to become aware of trends in the world of DEI, gain insight into their own organizations current state, and formulate a vision and plan that they can communicate and activate. Rali can help you gain or solidify executive commitment.

Activate Champions and Leaders

When an organization has a core of strong DEI Champions and operational leaders that are educated and “walk the walk,” change accelerates. Rali can help you educate and activate your Champions and leaders.

 Engage and Develop Employees

 In order for your DEI efforts to truly have impact, your employee population must embrace mindsets and behaviors aligned with your cultural and business imperatives. Rali can help you gain employee adoption.

We provide the tools to get people engaged; you provide the people.

Diversity officers or administrators seeking a more effective way to inspire genuine discussion, showcase inclusion in real-world contexts, and modify employee attitudes with their initiatives can now achieve these goals.

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