Initiative Type – Leadership

Leadership Development:
Grow Leaders from within Your Organization

The number 1 reason people stay in their jobs is their manager and the number 1 reason people leave their jobs is their manager. Leadership is a critical component of your organization’s long term success.


of organizations say it is important to develop leaders at ALL levels


Your ability to cultivate leaders influences not only business growth and quality service delivery, but also employee contribution, accountability, retention, and job satisfaction.

Our leadership journeys have been cultivated in close collaboration with experts in the field to ensure that these valuable lessons are not only learned, but directly applied.


of organizations say they are “Very Effective” at developing leaders


of managers fail in their role within the first 24 months


Our highly interactive Learn | Do | Inspire model
creates powerful mindset and behavior shifts to
build engaged and adept leaders from within.

Leadership Journeys from Recognized Experts

Rali partners with leading industry experts to
architect and deliver an effective, optimized
experience that will ensure increased and
measurable effectiveness.

Turnkey Solutions or
Customize to your Needs

Rali’s leadership journeys can be customized to magnify audience relevance and support existing internal messaging and assets and align with key
organizational objectives.

Why Rali for Leadership?

Top reasons to choose Rali for Leadership initiatives:

Top Leaders

We’re partnered with
nationally recognized,
award-winning leadership
content developers.

Go from Learning to Doing

Our platform is proven
to develop leaders
from within.

Flexible Architecture

Drive initiatives that align with your organizational structure, existing systems and processes for optimal effectiveness.

Customized Experience

Control each team’s change journey with targeted communications, unique content and
advanced management features.

Measurable Results

Patented intelligent analytics
track impact and performance across the entire change experience.