Initiative Type – Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement:
Deliver and Differentiate


of consumers would consider
switching companies after a
single instance of bad service.

Quality improvement is something that the best
companies never stop striving for. Their attitude
is that there is always room for growth, no matter how good the reviews. 

Quality of service is what keeps businesses alive. Nowhere is this truer than in healthcare where your reputation is all-important.


of consumers are
unsatisfied with their
healthcare experience


of US customers say
that ineffective
customer service is their
top frustration.


 Without genuine care and compassion from nurses, doctors and pharmacists, a hospital or care clinic is just a building with employees. With a dedicated and well-trained staff, organization can fufill the promise and delivery of quality care.

Time to update your bedside manner?

Rali partners with leading industry experts to
architect and deliver an effective, optimized
experience that will ensure increased and
measurable effectiveness.

Turnkey Solutions or Customize to your Needs

Rali’s quality improvement journeys can be customized to magnify audience  relevance and support existing internal messaging and assets and align with key organizational objectives.

Why Rali for Quality Improvement?

Top reasons to choose Rali for Quality Improvement initiatives:

Top Leaders


We’re partnered with the
national leaders in Quality
Improvement content.

Go from Learning to Doing

Our platform is proven
to drive the behavioral changes necessary to ensure quality delivery.

Flexible Architecture

Drive initiatives that align with your organizational structure, existing systems and processes for optimal effectiveness.

Customized Experience

Control each team’s change journey with targeted communications, unique content and
advanced management features.

Measurable Results

Patented intelligent analytics
track impact and performance across the entire change experience.