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Learning Experience Engine

Our learning and change platform uses our proven Learn, Do, Inspire methodology to create a journey that drives adoption of mindsets and behaviors that improve performance outcomes.


The Rali Learning Experience Engine is a cloud-hosted platform that activates group performance improvement. Unlike current tools that merely push content with no application, Rali activates employee mindset and behavior adoption using its proprietary Learn, Do, Inspire change architecture. 

Rali delivers a highly engaging employee experience, drives verifiable impact, and provides a rich bed of analytics for continuous optimization and talent management decision-making.


Learning Journeys

Rali delivers an integrated, journey-based experience that activates all the drivers of engagement, behavioral adoption, and business impact.  The heart of our approach is our unique Learn, Do, Inspire change architecture.

  • Learn Activities: Interactive “micro-learning” that drives knowledge acquisition.
  • Do Activities: On-the-job application tasks that convert understanding into action with feedback and coaching.
  • Inspire Activities: Appreciation, encouragement, and story sharing that increases community engagement and achievement.

Use Any Content

Keep your participants engaged by embedding, uploading, or linking to any form of media or type of document. Revitalize existing underused content assets by putting them in the context of a journey. Easily aggregate content from your existing systems and external sources.

Integrated Capabilities

Our Learning Experience Engine integrates all the capabilities needed to activate group-based engagement, learning, and behavior adoption. These include:

  • Prompted feedback, coaching, and validation of on-the-job application tasks by managers, peers, and experts.
  • An auto-triggered discussion forum where employees share what they are learning, doing, and thinking.
  • Game mechanics such as points, badges, and leader boards to drive engagement, healthy competition, and track progress.
  • Library of uploaded assets for easy access and reuse.
  • Robust data capture and analytics providing real-time insight into the progress, accomplishments, and future needs of employees.

Authoring Suite

Our Authoring Suite makes converting source content into a Journey simple and straightforward. Template-driven design guides authors through the process of creating Learn, Do, and Inspire activities containing text, documents, video, audio, links, and various question types. Every element created can be reorganized or reused using drag and drop functionality. Game mechanics such as point values, badges, and levels can be easily configured.

Video Experience Engine Combo

The Rali Video Experience Engine can be used as the video player of choice in any Learning Journey, bringing all the unique discussion and insight benefits directly into the experience. The Video Engine r can also be used as a companion to the Learning Engine to provide pre-launch diagnostic insights and power interactive communications across the journey time frame.

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