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Change Experience Platform Launch

Rali announces next-gen business transformation platform at ATD 2022.

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Rali announces next-gen business transformation platform at ATD 2022.

May 13, 2022 – Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

Rali, the leading change management platform announced a major product release at ATD 2022: Rali Change Experience Platform (CxP).

Rali CxP delivers a unique engagement-rich experience for the workforce that drives behavior change and culture impact. Finally, leaders have one environment to quickly initiate, scale, and sustain major initiatives. Customers can achieve company-wide business results in key areas such as Diversity-Equity-Inclusion, leadership performance, quality improvement, high-performing  eams, and much more.

Learn more about Rali CxP at https://getrali.com/cxp/.   Dozens of pre-formatted Rali Journeys are immediately available for Rali CxP customers.

Rali Founder and Chief Transformation Officer Larry Mohl said: “Rali goes beyond other solutions by delivering a unified, group-driven experience designed from the ground-up to transform behaviors and accelerate change. Our proprietary Learn | Do | Inspire methodology creates a powerful employee-centric system that helps companies change how they change.”

Major corporations and healthcare systems including Home Depot, HarperCollins, and MetroHealth have adopted Rali employee engagement to make lasting improvements in business performance.

Rali CxP moves the employee experience forward by offering a context-sensitive portal that enables access to interactive video communication, change journeys, task management, interactive media, and more, all designed to activate and support the process of change.

CxP provides actionable insights through its advanced analytics engine. Rali measures progress, team engagement, sentiment, and surfaces influencers. Going deeper, Rali captures employee opinions, discussion themes, behavior application, and change adoption .

Talent development leaders are encouraged to explore the Rali CxP at ATD 2022, at Booth 825.

Download press release or learn more about Rali at https://getrali.com