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Your Privacy matters.

We make your privacy the core of our business.

Your data isn't for sale.

We never sell your data to third-party organizations.  We protect your account with enterprise-grade security, and we let you control the privacy of your videos on Rali.

Protected Conversations

Rali can protect your content by creating conversations that are:

  • Private sharable links
  • Accessible via authentication
  • Invite only access 
  • Integrated authentication with your OAuth provider
  • Locked down access by email domain

Your Privacy is Important.

We care about your privacy. Our clients entrust us with the personal information of their employees and their users. We take the obligation of protecting it very seriously.


We have undertaken the following actions in connection with GDPR compliance:

  • Modifying our products to reduce collection of personal data and ensure compliance with GDPR requirements for processing personal data.
  • Making sure our data deletion practices comply with GDPR’s right of erasure requirement.
  • Providing a simple means of deleting, modifying, and exporting the personal data of data subjects for our customers.
  • Updating product design policies to ensure our engineers are building products with privacy principles in mind.
  • Updating our privacy policies to keep our website visitors and customers informed of how we may collect and use their information.
  • Reviewing our security practices to ensure that the personal data we process on behalf of our customers, through their use of our services, is adequately protected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more details and frequently asked questions about our policies, read our Security, Privacy and GDPR FAQs.

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