Addressing the Communication and Collaboration Need With Coronovirus

Using Rali’s Online Solutions for Your Organization’s Coronavirus Continuity Plan

The growing coronavirus epidemic introduces many changes daily. Businesses are considering telecommuting and maintaining a remote workforce. Work travel is getting scaled back immensely. Schools are preparing a contingent plan for online classes. Stadium games are played with no live fans and large gathering events are being cancelled. Having a continuity plan to handle this transformation is critical to maintaining society as we know it today – a sense of community and belonging. Rali’s digital technology can help you transform your physical community to a virtual one.

Connect your audience anywhere and anytime

Remote workforce, virtual classroom, online community are all phrases that are becoming commonplace. As a result, many people are turning to digital technology to bridge the gap and keep people connected. Using digital devices you already own, Rali’s video experience technology lets your users continue to communicate effectively and efficiently while being in different locations by allowing you to share video with time-synced engagement. This allows everyone to see video content, and, most importantly, comment or ask questions at specific spots in a video. This simulates a real-time collaboration feel despite being in different locations and/or different times helping reinforce that sense of community. Rali’s video experience technology transforms any video into an engaging dialog, anytime, anywhere making it possible for business to continue communicating and collaborating, for teachers to continue teaching, and for fans to continue to cheering all while staying home.

Rali integrations with Zoom and Slack

Take advantage of Rali’s integration with Zoom and Slack to further enhance digital communication provided by these companies. 

With the native Zoom integration, you can continue a Zoom meeting long after the meeting is physically over. This is particularly useful if people miss meetings, are in different time zones, or have questions after the meeting is done. 

With the Slack integration, users can create Rali conversations in Slack and share them in their Slack channels. This gives users an integrated experience within their team communications.

Learn more about Rali

Here at Rali, we are committed to helping everyone maintain a sense of community during these challenging times. We believe we have a tremendous responsibility to help groups around the world to collaborate, grow, and bring about change together.  

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