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Happiness at work. It’s the American dream, right? Love what you do and never work a day in your life? This has been a cliche concept at best and most people wouldn’t say it’s reality. But, should key leaders and managers begin making this a bigger priority for their teams? Is happiness at work not just a dream, but a needed reality? Is it possible that this concept could propel an organization into further success and help them reach their goals?

It’s an interesting concept to consider. Marygrace Schumann from Chief Learning Officer, said this:

Many corporate leaders have accepted the behavior of the grumpy employee scowling at her computer all day and running out the door at 5 p.m. — if the results are there. But pushed to boost innovation and maximize productivity, some bosses see the need to take a more active role in promoting happiness in the workplace.

Maybe you have fallen into this pattern as a team leader, but what if your followers could be genuinely happy at work? What if that could create greater motivation and passion for projects and therefore lead to greater success and goals met?

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