Mobile Gamification Considerations | Industry Insight

Gamification has swept the education, training, and learning world. We’ve all learned the benefits of incorporating games into our training programs and learning platforms. Most of the time, we only consider these games being played at the office on a desktop computer. But, what happens when learning turns much more mobile? Are there different considerations for mobile gamification? We think so!

We recently came across an article from the Association for Talent Development that highlights this exact idea. So, what should some of those considerations be? Here’s a few we think should be at the top of your list!

Design is everything: From the experience the user has, to the actual design of the game in the mobile platform, the look and feel is crucial!

The difference in the desktop version vs. the mobile version: Consider what you actually want your team to use the mobile version for. This will determine the types of games and even the design of those games that your team will use on the go.

Is mobile gamification right for our training?: Consider if this approach is even right for the type of training you’re currently doing with your team and organization.

To learn more on the considerations for mobile gamification and even a design checklist, click here.


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