New Engagement Platform to “Rali” Team Members Toward a Common Goal

A major factor affecting the success of organizational change is the alignment of all team members’ efforts toward a common goal. Without this, any lasting change is not possible, let alone sustainable. Rali, our new company and the result of the recent merger between Jubi and onQ, is seeking to change that with a fresh approach to an engagement platform.

Rali, so named for its ability to “rally” disparate team members, noticed a pressing need for cultural change among the organizations that were serving. Efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, enact digital transformation, or ensure compliance were struggling against a disjointed organization with poor communication, competing policies, or procedures that didn’t mesh with work styles or company values.

According to a McKinsey study, 70 percent of change management initiatives will fail. That’s because most organizations attempting this change, whether it’s a new diversity and inclusion initiative or a broad shift in company culture, don’t take existing behavior into account, or they don’t have the data to support it.

Rali aims to solve this problem by promoting engagement at all levels of an organization. Powered by artificial intelligence, the platform combines social listening and learning experiences to measure attitudes and behaviors, then provide a smart context for lasting organizational change. Organization leaders can keep track of team member sentiment and behavior, the provide them with digital opportunities for engagement and learning.

“The new name, Rali — to arouse for action, to unite, to bring something together – allows us to emphasize the role that group engagement plays in driving organizational transformation,” says Jack Alexander, Chairman. ”To achieve real transformation, an organization must align employees and/or customers around a common achievement. Doing so allows organizations to achieve optimal performance, efficiency and sustainable change.”

Rali provides guidance for common goals and values by promoting engagement among all members of an organization. By leveraging user data and providing a cohesive learning context, Rali promotes employee buy-in, which is the key to creating lasting change. Team members are more likely to feel acknowledged and engaged when brought into a communicative, collaborative space, as opposed to being handed a pamphlet or forced to abide new policies that don’t necessarily align with their needs and values.

The new platform offers a comprehensive suite of digital tools to boost team engagement, including discussion boards, learning portals, video-driven content, and the Rali engagement player, which permits concurring video viewing and team communication. Each step is gamified, a proven technique to encourage buy-in and team-building. At every step, Rali is collecting data and providing organization leaders with valuable insights that support their change management efforts.

At Rali, we help organizations grow together — in the same direction. We want to help organizations RALI behind an idea and TRANSFORM together. With the power of AI combined with proven change management techniques, Rali provides a robust engagement platform that will inspire lasting improvement in your organization.

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