Rali – Greenleaf Partnership Has a Bright Future in Developing Servant Leadership

Jubi is excited to announce its newest partner in learning and talent development, The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. The partnership happened seamlessly, as the values of servant leadership and accessible learning are highly valued in both organizations. Together, we are proud to launch Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership Journey Online.

When Pat Falotico, CEO of Greenleaf, was asked about why she wanted to partner with Jubi, her answer was two fold: The partnership was a great chance to be able to expand the center’s work both with remote learners and to expand and scale the learning to other organizations. With the Jubi platform, learning and development professionals can deliver the content with one voice in a really easy way.

The second appeal of working with Jubi, was a more personal one. Pat was immediately impressed with the work of Jubi when she met co-founder, Terry Barber last October. Pat said:  “When I met Terry last year and we began talking about a potential partnership, he built a prototype of what it would look like within two weeks, with no strings attached, just to help me see what could be. I felt like he was truly committed to helping us be successful and giving back. He recognized that we are doing something special here and I have felt supported with each step.”

The future is bright for both learning and leadership development as Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership Journey Online launches. You can learn more right here.

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