Rali: New Company, New Commitment to Employee and Customer Engagement


New Brand Identity Reflects Broader Employee and Customer Engagement Commitment

(Atlanta, GA – February 20, 2020) – Jubi and onQ, a leader in the world of communication and engagement, today announced their new name, Rali. Named for its connotations of inspiring action, uniting, and bringing people together, the change signifies the company’s commitment to helping organizations “transform together.”

Through empowering groups to engage, collaborate, grow, the name change allows for more emphasis on the role that group engagement plays in driving broad business transformation culturally, organizationally and digitally. 

“To achieve transformation success, an organization must first align their employees or customers around common goals and objectives. Our next-generation video technology empowers people at every level to use their voice and helps to guide the journey of change in the context of a group or community,” says Jack Alexander, Chairman of Rali “this in turn allows organizations to become more performant, efficient and smarter.”

To achieve this, Rali transforms traditional text-based communication into social dialogue, turning collaborative discussion into an instant chat-format. This element allows audiences to engage in real-time conversations with call to actions, messages and poll questions to provide deep behavioral insights on how your audience, or even an individual, is actually engaging or feeling.

“Shifting the way teams share information and take action is what makes Rali unique,” adds Jack Alexander, “as a company with its roots in digital video technology, we are focused on delivering breakthrough solutions. We believe the name Rali best describes this effort.” 

The reason most transformation initiatives fail, is that communication is fundamentally forgotten from the outset of programs and is incredibly challenging to get employee and customer buy-in when there is a disparity in values, generations and locations.

Rali is dedicated to ensuring organizational leaders listen to and understand their employees’ behaviors and motivations to ensure success.

For more information on the platform or to schedule a demo visit us at http://www.getrali.com/ 

About Rali

Rali is a next-generation engagement platform that empowers organizations to create groups that collaborate, grow, and drive sustainable change together. Rali is privately funded and based in Atlanta, Georgia, with an international office in Zurich, Switzerland and London, UK. Rali global customer list continues to grow, with customers such as Home Depot, Johnson Controls, WellStar, Thyssenkrupp and Harper Collins.

To learn more about Rali, please visit our newly released website, here.

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