Continuous Improvement meets Talent Development

What’s taken us so long?


The concept of Quality and Continuous Improvement was red hot in the late ‘80s and ‘90s as companies like Motorola and GE institutionalized processes and metrics aimed at lowering defects in their manufacturing operations.  Since that time, Continuous Improvement (CI) principles and practices have moved beyond the manufacturing floor to all aspects of business. At the same time, Talent Development, which has benefited from the cost savings of digital content distribution, has remained primarily event driven with low levels of demonstrable impact. 

Larry Mohl

Prior to Co-Founding Rali, Larry was the CLO at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, The American Express Company, and the Cellular Division of Motorola, Inc.  Larry’s career transition from engineer to CLO was made possible by roles he held as a leader of six sigma and quality improvement initiatives at Motorola, Inc.  In addition, Larry served as the first head of Knowledge Management (KM) at Motorola University.  Larry’s passion for CI and KM is one of the driving forces behind the architecture of Rali as a modern experiential learning platform.


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