Risk & Compliance

Ensuring your organization is managing risk and is compliant with regulations, policies, and procedures is central to the operation of any business. Rali moves you beyond “checking the box” and helps build confidence that your compliance initiatives are working.

Are you ready to meet the compliance challenges of the next decade?

Build Confidence

Don’t settle for simply allowing employees to answer an unending series of multiple choice questions. The Rali platform allows for validated engagement that leads to higher levels of compliance. Our AI driven analytics can also help mitigate your risk of legal repercussions by tracking the engagement of your compliance content.

Reach Your Objectives

Whether your compliance objectives are centered around employee safety, liability prevention, ethics, or federal standards, Rali Experience Engines can drive verified employee engagement and behavior adoption. Compliance officers can monitor and take appropriate actions based on data that goes beyond simple test completion data.

Start a Conversation

Front-line employees have an enormous amount of insight into areas of potential risk. Move from pushing tons of information towards them to fostering a conversation that engages employees in your compliance initiative. Presenting your compliance plans, asking for feedback, surfacing areas of risk, and mining ideas is all possible at large scale with Rali.

Use the Rali platform to empower and sustain your next compliance initiative.

Transform Together