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Video Experience Engine

Our interactive viewing experience engages your audience and generates deep insights by socializing your video content.

Transform your video from a monologue to a dialogue.

Have you ever been discouraged by a complete lack of response after sending out an important video to your employees or customers? Are you unsure of how to create and monitor the impact of video in your organization? Rali can help.

Chat-Style Discussions

Rali enables users to bring discussion into view with an instant chat-box available alongside your video content. Users can ask questions, clarify misunderstandings, and have constructive dialogue with each other while referencing specific video timestamps. The ability to communicate instantly in a familiar format encourages individuals who are typically less engaged to share their thoughts with the group.

Pre-seeded Call to Actions

Want to hear from your audience on a specific item? Nervous that your audience might be silent? Do you have a point that needs reinforcing? Rali’s pre-seeded messages, open-ended questions, polls, alerts, and other calls to action ensure that your audience stays engaged. You can even set the prompts as passive or active, which allow the user to either keep the video going or require a response before continuing.

Social Analytics

Rali’s suite of engagement and behavioral insights lets you evaluate how your videos are actually being received by your audience. Machine learning and our proprietary algorithms take into account active and passive engagement from users, video, and groups of people. Now you can understand what is most liked by your audience, who is engaged, and, most importantly, who are the influencers in the conversation.

Embed Anywhere

Don’t get derailed by technological hurdles when trying to host video content. Simply select the video you want to conversationalize from within the Rali platform, create a link or an embed code, and post your video on the platform of your choice. The option to use pre-seeded questions, setup cohorts, and much more are all configurable once you have uploaded your video.

Transform Together