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Rali enables change at scale

Built for enterprise transformation

Rali is designed to drive organizational initiatives by harnessing the power and engagement of people motivated by shared purpose. Transformation isn’t just a corporate mandate, it’s a state of mind thing that influences the entire company’s culture, values, productivity and operations.
Rali helps empower organizations to rapidly deliver positive outcomes and effect lasting change on initiatives that matter.

Rali’s technology platform enables change agents to accelerate results by fostering corporate communities that learn, grow, and change together. Rali gives leaders the tools to not only start the conversation, but to lead it with collaborative features that drive understanding, insight, and aligned action across different groups, teams and regions within an organization.

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Proprietary Architecture:

Rali engages and activates employees using our proprietary “Learn, Do, Inspire” change architecture.

Proprietary Architecture:

Other solutions only build scaffolding without a central methodology that drives actual change.

Flexible and customizable environment:

Rali is highly adaptable to meet the unique needs of your organizational structure. Change leaders can create groups, assign custom content, and target communications to ensure optimal relevancy.

Flexible and customizable environment:

Typical solutions are rigid and templatized and have limited customization that lack support for 2-way engagements and additive high-value assets.

Perfect for Remote Work:

We reinvented education protocols to usher in a new way of learning. Rali extends beyond physical spaces with an exciting online community engine where users can share stories and content, activate peer mentoring, and inspire each other from miles away.

Perfect for remote work:

Other platforms simply lift and shift the traditional “sage on a stage” classroom approach to the screen, without adjusting for how we learn differently online. By ignoring the element of community, engagement, and shared objectives, initiatives grow stagnate shortly after introduction.

Community Engagement

Rali builds a culture of cross-organizational collaboration with colleagues, peers, and mentors. Users build on each other’s progress to create thriving corporate communities.

Comunity Engagement

Other platforms silo users in fixed learning journeys, leaving no room for those crucial conversations that actually change mindsets and behaviors.

Behavior-Centered Design:

Rali employs AI technology, gamification, and instructional design to shape the social environment of your learning community.

Behavior-Centered Design:

Competitors use gamification to limited effect, with meaningless rewards that do little to stimulate competition and cooperation.

Intelligent Insights

Backed by years of research and patented analytics, Rali drives continuous optimization and better talent management through innovative scoring metrics and progress tracking.

Intelligent Insights

Other solutions report only on completion and accuracy, ignoring elements like influence, engagement, and sentiment.

Complementary to your existing systems:

Rali works with your existing LMS to amplify learning initiatives with behavior-centered design, a rich change experience platform and measurable learning journeys.

Complementary to your existing systems:

Don’t worry about overhauling a current system that works for your organization. Magnify the capabilities of your exisiting investments.

Comprehensive Content options:

Use your own content, bring in third-party content, or use our award-winning, expert-authored curriculum.

Comprehensive Content options:

Most solutions provide only a shell for your existing content, and cannot be easily adapted to include new ideas and research.

Built for todays Learners

Our unique and powerful methodology is proven to stimulate shifts in mindsets at the individual and team level to reach the next generation of leaders.

Built for todays Learners

One-size-fits-all approaches to learning become quickly outdated, and fail to motivate and engage learners who might otherwise lend insight and passion to community conversations.

Want to learn more?

Schedule a Discovery Session with a Rali expert to see how our change acceleration platform can bring your next initiative to life.

Want to Learn More?

Schedule a discovery session with a Rali Change Expert

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