About Rali

Rali empowers groups to connect, grow, and change together.

We are founded on the belief that transformation is far more likely to succeed in the context of a community or a group of people, rather than siloed individuals and efforts. While we started as two separate businesses, Jubi and onQ, we came together in the summer of 2019 to form Rali. We leverage all of our technology and services towards providing environments and experiences that prompt people to interact, engage, and transform together.

We recognize that with whatever initiatives you are spearheading, communication must be the core fundamental element to that initiative. Very rarely does anything meaningful happen because someone was just told about it or because someone just learned a new competency. Rather, to affect the change you desire, you need open, collaborative, interactive communication, and social, journey-based learning. That is the promise of the Rali brand – to provide technology platforms that allow you successful transformation. Together.

Jack Alexander

Founder and Chairman

Throughout his career, Jack Alexander has built and led companies in technology and business services. Trained as a CPA, Jack began his career at a Big Four accounting firm. He went on to win an Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Principle Centered Leadership during his tenure as CEO of BCD Travel. As CEO of BCD Travel, Jack architected the acquisition of TRX, a technology software that became an integral part of the launch of Expedia and went on to be purchased by Concur. Both BCD Travel and TRX enjoyed recurring appearances on the Inc. 500 under Jack’s leadership and won multiple awards for innovation in the industry.

Including TRX, the four technology companies that Jack has either been CEO, chairman, or vice-chairman of have had exits exceeding $500 million. A recipient of a Family Honors Award as a businessman who made a positive impact on the American family, Jack has a passion for creating organizations and services that honor others. His vision for Rali is born of this passion for seeing transformation take root in the lives of individuals and the companies they work for.

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