Move Beyond Your Learning Management System.

Activate change around strategic initiatives that matter with Rali: a behavior centered learning platform with AI driven insights designed with community in mind.

NEWSWIRE |  We are pleased to announce the launch of the Chrysalis Coalition, an innovative joint venture to help shape and propel a culture of intrinsic inclusion for large organizations.  Learn how to achieve lasting, sustainable outcomes and build a truly inclusive culture by visiting the Chrysalis website or connect with our team for more information.

"Rali goes beyond what other learning solutions offer by delivering a unified, community-driven experience designed to transform behaviors and accelerate change. Our proprietary methodology of “Learn>Do>Inspire” creates a powerful performance improvement loop and makes a lasting impact."

- Larry Mohl, Founder and Chief Transformation Officer

Change The Way You Facilitate Change

Unlike other tools that simply push content, Rali engages and activates employees using proprietary Learn > Do > Inspire change architecture.

Combine rich video content, eLearning modules, eBooks, traditional classes, and other learning experiences in one hub. And easily integrate Rali with your existing systems to create seamless and measurable learning journeys.

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Award-winning Content

Draw from Rali’s library of needle-moving curriculum in areas like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Or, engage Rali’s instructional designers to enrich and gamify your existing content. And easily apply branding and other customizations—like a video message from your CEO—across every program.

Why Do Change Agents Choose Rali?

Our digitally-native platform is perfectly suited for remote work environments, helping organizations adapt to new delivery and engagement requirements.

What does your change management program look like right now?

Does your approach depend on costly in-person workshops and events? Are you able to deliver your programs virtually without loss of quality or engagement? Rali can support your change initiatives with the technology, content, and strategies you need to roll out learning programs at scale, in any environment.

The Change Acceleration Platform with Social Learning in its DNA.

Accelerate results by fostering corporate communities. Rali gives leaders the tools to not only start the conversation, but lead it, leveraging collaborative features that drive understanding, insight, and aligned action for teams. Bridge the gap from knowing to doing. Discover how you can accelerate change with Rali:


Group learning is more effective than individual learning. In fact, the drop-out rate for self-directed learning is 95%! Rali is purpose-built for social learning, utilizing unique activities or in-person interviews to optimize users’ behavior and guide them on their learning journey.


Learning with a partner or mentor is more effective than solo learning. When individuals team up with their managers or colleagues on learning initiatives, they are more empowered to take informed action. Rali connects people through communities of practice, prompting tangible courses of action and instilling accountability every step of the way.


Engaging is more effective than preaching. The old “sage on a stage” model of corporate learning doesn’t work anymore. Rali enriches video and other digital content by embedding interactive features and learning tools. These features are rooted in the psychology of learning, and help users get out of their routine, ensuring measurable results.

The Rali Learning Journey


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