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Rali is a comprehensive Change Experience Platform for organizations of any size—an advanced digital engagement system for all of your initiatives, content, coaching, and community. Coupled with intelligent analytics, Rali translates interaction into valuable insight, helping you realize a faster time to impact and lasting change.

#ALLIES Journey Now Available
Rali is pleased to announce the availability of a new Journey on the Change Experience Platform (CxP): #ALLIES, developed by former Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Gavriella Schuster.
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New Rali Board Chairman
Rali Welcomes Atlanta Business Executive Mark Seeley as New Board Chairman.
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“Rali goes beyond what other learning solutions offer by delivering a unified, community-driven experience designed to transform behaviors and accelerate change. Our proprietary methodology of “Learn | Do | Inspire” creates a powerful performance improvement loop and makes a lasting impact.”

Larry Mohl, Founder and Chief Transformation Officer

Change The Way You Facilitate Change

The majority of initiatives that rely on employee adoption of productive mindsets and behaviors fail to produce their intended outcomes. It’s time to change our approach. Unlike other tools that simply push content, Rali activates employees using an engagement-rich Experience Platform coupled with our proprietary Learn | Do | Inspire change architecture.


Eliminate inflexible, isolated and inefficient legacy approaches by utilizing Rali’s 5 key shifts for change success.

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Award-winning Content

Draw from Rali’s library of needle-moving curriculum in areas like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Or, engage Rali’s instructional designers to enrich and gamify your existing content. And easily apply branding and other customizations—like a video message from your CEO—across every program.

The Change Experience Platform with Social Learning in its DNA.

Accelerate results by fostering corporate communities. Rali gives leaders the tools to not only start the conversation, but lead it, leveraging collaborative features that drive understanding, insight, and aligned action for teams. Bridge the gap from knowing to doing. Discover how you can accelerate change with Rali:


Group learning is more effective than individual learning. In fact, the drop-out rate for self-directed learning is 95%! Rali is purpose-built for social learning, utilizing unique activities or in-person interviews to optimize users’ behavior and guide them on their learning journey.


Rali journeys continue outside of the platform. Do activities encourage individuals to stretch outside of their comfort zones with on-the-job activities that integrate into their every day lives. Learning Partners and Coaches provide feedback and create safe spaces for dialogue, while reflection questions prompt meaningful responses. Doing these activities together, creates teams and communities of action that grow TOGETHER.


The final piece of the puzzle is to create continuous engagement and motivation from and for the individuals themselves. True relationships are formed within the organization when people encourage and share positive feedback with one another. Rali builds space into the journeys for all participants to appreciate and encourage others and share stories with individuals, groups, or the entire organization via text, images, video, or audio files.

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