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In this journey, employees will learn how to lead with integrity and a healthy balance of respect and responsibility. Activities in the journey include clarifying your values, exploring how those values affect behaviors, self-assessing your leadership character, and creating a development plan for building strength and balance in the dimensions of leadership. character. ​

Inside the Foundations of Leadership Character Journey

Driven by research and measured with assessments, the Turknett Group’s Foundations of Leadership Character journey equips you and your team to align your values and actions and create a culture of character. The journey centers around the Turknett Group’s proven Leadership Character Model. Take a look at how this works from the resources below.

Click below to learn about balancing respect and responsibility

Click below to watch the “Integrity” video

Click below to watch the “Integrity” video

Play Video about drawing of a person standing above scale that says "integrity" on it

About Lyn | Turknett Leadership Group

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Carolyn (Lyn) Turknett with her husband Bob Turknett is Co-founder of Turknett Leadership Group. She served as President of the firm for 30 years and now serves as Co-chair and Senior Consultant. The focus of her work is character in leadership, cultural assessment and change, and executive team development. Lyn’s consulting engagements have included leadership and executive team development, organization assessment and change, and individual feedback and coaching. She is particularly interested in helping teams at all levels improve effectiveness and working relationships, helping organizations maximize intellectual capital, and creating cultures that support innovation and initiative.

Turknett Leadership Group (TLG) is one of the most recognized names in leadership development – located in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded by Bob and Lyn Turknett in 1987, TLG has been providing timely leadership development services for over 35 years. The Turknett Leadership Character Model creates the foundation for all of TLG’s services. TLG has worked with thousands of individuals, teams, and companies around the world to help them unleash their full potential.

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