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Vernon Sankey and Katey Lockwood’s Managing Toxic People Journey on Rali is a powerful guide for navigating toxicity. Toxicity is all around us and is detrimental to our well-being, which makes mastering these strategies imperative. This journey will prepare participants to recognize various forms of toxicity, reflect on their own toxic tendencies, and manage that toxicity with effective strategies.

Inside the Managing Toxic People Journey

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Click below to watch the “Toxicity Defined” video

About Vernon & Katey - Improvemyworld

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Vernon Sankey and Katey Lockwood are co-founders of Improvemyworld, with the mission of unlocking human potential and boosting emotional and psychological wellbeing, enabling life to be lived fully and completely, without stress, in wisdom and peace. Vernon and Katey are also co-authors of several books, including The Way – Finding Peace in Turbulent Times, The Way Workbook, and Toxicum: Managing Toxic People.

Vernon served as chief executive of a major international corporation in the UK for 28 years, before becoming a non-executive director and chairman of several large and small international companies. During and since this time, he has lectured and run courses on leadership, motivation and stress management in corporations, business conferences, universities, and schools.

Katey’s knowledge of cognitive psychology, EQ assessing, clinical hypnotherapy, philosophy and spirituality has enabled Katey to coach and teach, guide and mentor at the highest level. Her list of clients includes business executives, celebrities and high-profile sportspeople as well as those needing help and support in finding a more effective and happier way of conducting their life.

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