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Beauty of Conflict by CrisMarie Campbell & Susan Clarke | Thrive!

Conflict and stress can derail a team, however, conflict done well is beautiful. The Beauty of Conflict journey equips leaders and teams to use conflict as an arena for inclusion, innovation, and problem-solving. This journey helps teams develop the capacity to move through individual reactions, recover as a team, and respond with curiosity and creativity, launching them to a higher performance.

Inside the Beauty of Conflict Journey

We invite you to explore a sample of the journey videos below.

Click below to watch the “Control What’s Controllable: You!” video

Click below to watch how to navigate meeting mistakes

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Click below to watch how to navigate meeting mistakes

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Thrive! Inc. was founded by MBA and Olympic rower, CrisMarie Campbell, and MA relationship coach and leadership Equus coach, Susan Clarke. CrisMarie and Susan have spent over 20 years together helping individuals, leaders, and teams resolve difficult conflicts, and create strong, thriving relationships and profitable business results for hundreds of leading organizations.

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