3P Academy: Productivity by Wendy Ellin

Wendy Ellin’s 3P Academy: Productivity Journey teaches proven systems and strategies for radical productivity, sustainable performance, and peace of mind. In this journey, employees will learn how to eliminate clutter, create clarity, focus on what matters most, and organize themself for success. Employees and teams will have opportunities to share success stories, challenges, and best practices throughout the journey.
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Inside the 3P Academy: Productivity Journey

In the 3P Academy: Productivity journey, learning is applied through a series of practical application activities that include creating an information command center, cleaning up email, and decluttering your computer desktop and smart phone. Take a look at how this works from the resources below.

Click below to watch Wendy show how to get your inbox to zero

Click below to watch the “What’s in it for You?” video

Click below to watch the “What’s in it for You?” video

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About Wendy

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Wendy Ellin’s 20+ years in corporate business, sales, and entrepreneurship give her a broad perspective on what it takes to work smart, not hard, in business and in life. It starts with her MSA Process: Mindset, Systems, and Accountability. When all these are set in motion, there is simply no way you cannot achieve what you envision. It’s a choice you get to make and one that Wendy stands behind as she guides you to replace old, ineffective habits with those that support and serve you well. Once you’ve stuck with the new habits long enough to reap the benefits, you are there! Wendy has been featured in world-renowned publications, including The Wall Street Journal, and has been interviewed for podcasts and TV broadcasts like NPR and Talk Radio NYC.

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